Introducing the Thermal Design Center, formed as the result of a unique partnership between leading technology companies in the field of electronic thermal engineering. TDC offers capabilities in the following areas –

Design & Analysis



Test Equipment

• System Cooling Design

• Package & Component Thermal Characterization

• Thermal Test Boards

• Semiconductor Thermal Test Systems

• Heat Sink Specification & Selection

• Air Velocity & Temperature

• Thermal Load Boards

•  Thermal JEDEC Standard Test Environments

• Custom Heat Sink Design

• Flow Impedance & Bulk Flow

• Thermal Test Die

• TIM Thermal Conductivity Measurement System

• Fan & Blower Selection

• Component Temperature

• Thermal Test Vehicles

• Custom Test Fixtures & Instrumentation Systems

• Airflow Requirement Calculations




Thermal Engineering Associates (TEA) was founded by Bernie Siegal, a 40+-year veteran and recognized technical lead-er in the semiconductor thermal field. The com-pany's mission is to provide a central source for the products and services necessary for proper semiconductor thermal measurement and modeling and solutions to attendant thermal manage-ment problems.

Electronic Cooling Solutions (ECS) offers thermal design, simulation, and experi-mental verification services for a wide range applications. Customers include industry leaders in Computing, Networking, Tele-communications, Test Equipment, and Consumer Electronics. State-of-the-art simulation tools, including FLOTHERM, and IcePack is used for system design and analysis.

Celsia Technologies' mission is to  identify, cost optimize, manu- facture, and market next gen- eration thermal technologies.  Its latest product introductions are centered around a unique vapor chamber design that allows for substantial improvements over both heat pipe solutions (per-formance) and other vapor cham-ber designs (cost). Celsia has successfully customized cooling modules for CPUs, DRAM, GPUs, HB LEDs, Solar PV, and a host of specialty medical, auto, and  defense applications.

Package Science Services(PSS) brings together an extensive array of design, characterization and modeling tools in addition to over 25 years of experience in the packaging sciences. Services also include  reliability support, failure analysis and many other development and qualification  tools. Multidisciplinary tech- niques are used to support the customer with  state-of -the-art tools and up-to-date knowledge of leading-edge technology.

DS&A is a thermal market strategy consulting firm focused on electronics thermal management materials, thermal components, and thermal systems. They assist with identifying and implementing appropriate channels, technical marketing, and even identifying the sales and marketing employees that will be the oil for the machine. HP LABS - Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group

- Conducts multidisciplinary research on the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem made up of billions of handhelds and printers, millions of systems and thousands of data centers and print factories.
- Devises an approach that traces the lifecycle of IT solutions – extraction, manufacture, use, waste mitigation and reclamation – then utilizes this cradle-to-cradle framework to calculate and optimize the total cost of ownership using “Joules” as the currency.
 - Proves technologies through demonstrator projects in growth economies, then scale up solutions to address world-wide sustainability needs.

Mentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis Division (Formerly Flomerics)

The Mechanical Analysis Division of Mentor Graphics (formerly Flomerics) provides simulation software and consultancy services to eliminate mistakes, reduce costs, and accelerate and optimize designs involving heat transfer and fluid flow before physical prototypes are built.

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